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New Tank

Guest BoCrocket

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Guest BoCrocket

Ammonia Level: 0.25

Nitrite Level? 0.0

Nitrate level? 0.0

Ph Level? 7.8

Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.6

Tank size(How many Gals) 29 and How long has it been running? 8 days

What kind of Filtration? Penguin Bio-wheel 200 with two carbon filters.

How often do you change the water and how much? Not yet

What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Used 30 ml Dual Action Stress Zyme then another 30 mL on the seventh day. Also used 3 teaspoons AmQuel +.

Any Medications add to the tank? 3 teaspoons of MagiClear six days after set-up.

How many fish in the tank and there size? Two goldfish. One about 1 1/2 inches and the other about 1 inch.

Add any new fish to the tank? Yes

What do you feed your fish? Bio-Blend Goldfish food

Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus? No

Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..?: New fish staying at bottom

If you can what is the chloramines Level from the Tap? Not available.

I have had one goldfish for over a year in a ten-gallon tank. We decided to upgrade to a 29-gallon tank. We set up the tank above and let it sit 24 hours before adding our goldfish Adolf to the tank. We put him in and he loved it. He is doing great and eats like no other. After having the tank six days, we noticed the water was still cloudy from the first day of set-up. We were on our way out to add another goldfish to the tank and decided to purchase some MagiClear to help with the cloudiness. We followed the instructions and the water still remained the same even with removing the filter. We adopted a very active Pearlscale, Moo Moo, the same day and added him in. Since we have had him (only two days now), he has stayed in the right lower corner. His dorsal fin is up and appears to be in good health, but he just sits down there. The filter is on the left side of the tank and thought maybe the filter was pushing him around too much and wanted to stay down there. Moo Moo is eating but, only if the food goes in that vicinity will he go after it. My other fish Adolf started to hang around that corner recently as well. He gets frisky sometimes and swims all over the tank, but Moo Moo continues to sit down there. We have tested the water repeatedly. The temperature is at 72 degrees. Everything is fine?minus the cloudiness which we cannot rid of. Any ideas what is going on with my Moo Moo?

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Hi BoCrocket,

Perhaps you could do a water change, say 50% to dilute the ammonia. The cloudiness is normal and should clear up in a few days.

I think Moo Moo may be shocked at the new surroundings/water chemistry. Your tank is stll cycling, so it'll be hard on the fish. They've just got to tough it out.

Is Moo Moo a new aquisition from an LFS? If so, quarantine should have been imposed. It may be a little late for that now though :)

I don't know what Magic clear is, is it a coagulant?

When Moo Moo perks up, perhaps start the quarantine process for both fish. You could start salting now because it will help in the water cycle.

Hope this helps. If you need more info, on salting etc, do post back.

Slugger :)

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Guest BoCrocket

The ammonia level is only at 0.25 ppm. That is good--but I will do a 50% water change. I know that cloudiness is normal but, only for a few days. It has now been nine days and the cloudiness has remained the same. That is what the MagiClear is supposed to clear up. It is made for new tanks with cloudiness and haziness.

Adolf handled the tank-change just fine. I thought he may have a hard time, but he didn?t and swims around like crazy. Moo Moo was active in his temporary tank at the fish store. We got him at a privately owned store and not at vvvv or mmm. We have never performed a salting process before. After they are both perky, why would we need to quarantine them?

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Hi Bocrocket,

When my fish went into their tank a year ago there were four two fantails , Dylan and Splash a black moor, Pablo and a tiny Pearl Scale Pigsy. They came from the same aquarium and went in together.

Dylan and Pablo continuousy bullied and nipped at Splash. Pigsy stayed in the furthest coner from the filter behind a plant and never mixed. The other three would sometime get underneath him and try and nose him out. He would float about sometimes after a couple of weeks and then hide alot sometime we would have to try hard to find him. Spash could not cope with the constant harrasment and after a month passed away. :cry1

This is when I found this site and did get some excellent advise but just too late.Pablo and dylan then turned their attention to Pigsy and within a couple of days I found him floating at the top looking very pecked at. :cry1 Some of the problem was due to my tank (bad advice) only 10g I think so there was not enopugh room for them. Pablo and Dylan now get along well. But I would keep a very close eye as if Adolf is a frisky fish that the pearlscale is not put under too much stress. I believe you can put a tank separater in is this looks like becoming a problem.

Maybe some of this breed are more reclusive.

Good Luck


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Guest BoCrocket

Things look a little better. The water keeps evaporating due to the high heat out here in southern California and the fan we use to cool it down. We add nearly a pitcher-full of water each day (treated and let sit for one day). That has actually helped with the cloudiness. Moo Moo is swimming around more and seems less stressed. I thought Adolf was bullying him around, but they aren't usually on the same side of the tank at the same time. And Moo Moo will eat if food is next to him, but he won't race to the other side of the tank like Adolf does. But, he is eating which is always a plus.

Sian, I am sorry to hear about Splash and Pigsy. :( It is always hard to lose a fish. Are you going to add to the tank with Dylan and Pablo?

Anymore advice on how to help out Moo Moo would be greatly appreciated. He swims around more often as I said before, but not as much as I would like.

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