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Moving Goldfish

Guest LadyAMC

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Guest LadyAMC

We're moving with in the next week and I would like to know the best way to move fish.

For now they are moving from Houston to Dallas (4-5 hr trip)

(Later after we get settled in Cali we will be making a trip to Dallas to pick up the fish and bring them to Cali w/ us.)

I need to move...

1- Shubunkin (10in)

1- Commet (11in)

1- Pleco (10in)

2- Sm. Pleco's (2-3in)

3- African Frogs (2in)

btw: These fish live in a 55 Gal tank

any help? :D

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Well, a 4-5 hour move isn't all that bad, and a new home is always exciting! :happydance

How I usually move my fish, is getting a new 26-30 gl garbage can with lid, as well as a batterie operated airpump (in most petstores). I'd fill that canister about half way up a day before the fish are moved, add water conditioner and let it sit overnight. Don't feed the fish 3-4 days before the move, that way they don't produce as much ammonia.

On the moving day put the fish into the canister, and the canister in the car. Connect an airstone to the airpump, put the airstone in the canister. The airpump fits snuggly hanging on the site of the canister. Put the lid, in which you cut a couple of holes, onto the canister. You can also use duct tape to secure the lid on the canister.

Now off you go.....

If you don't have a chance to set up their tank at the new place, and you have to move both at the same time (fish and tank), then you have to wait with the setup after you arrive with the fish. Thats another reason I like those big garbage cans so much - the fish can stay in there for quite a few days, until your tank is set up. Since its only halfway full (or even less than that), you can easily add water from your new home to their canister. That gets them used to it, as well provides them with fresh water.

If one can like that is too heavy for you (even only half full, it weighs quite a lot), you can use 2 of them. Which is probably a good idea, since your fish are rather big, and separating them reduces the stress of crowding while moving.

Geez, I hope I didn't forget anything..... :unsure:

Ah, yeah, the filter and media travel quite easily in one of those orange Homedepot buckets with lids, filled with water. Punch some holes through the lid, so the filter media gets air. As long as it doesn't dry out, it'll be fine for the trip.... :)

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