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I Hit My Fish With The Syphon - Missing Scales


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Ammonia Level = 0

Nitrite Level = 0

Nitrate level = Need to buy the test

Ph Level = 7.5

Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 20 gallons, 14 months

What kind of Filtration? Hanging power filter and undergravel filter

How often do you change the water and how much? 30% weekly

What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Stress Coat

Any Medications add to the tank? Nope

How many fish in the tank and there size? Only one 2.5 inch ranchu (head to tip of tail)

Add any new fish to the tank? Nope

What do you feed your fish? Pro gold, hikari lionhead, frozen bloodworms, spinach, bananas, papaya, freeze dried ocean plankton

Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as

"grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus? Nope

Any unusual behavior? Like staying

at the bottom, not eating, ect..? Not yet

Wow that questionaire felt like those annoying surveys people fill out online except this is much more pertinent. ANYWAYS, my problem, I was doing a water change and I have one of those shake syphons and today while I was doing that, my fish darted right under it and I hit her. I caused her to lose some scales but I don't think I broke any skin because I don't see any blood or anything weird colored. The area with missing scales is on the top of her back and it looks like a bare orange patch of skin. Should I salt her tank or wait and see how she recovers on her own? Right now she's acting like a hoover with fins trying to find any bloodworms she might have missed from her feeding 10 minutes ago. She seems fine right now but I'm a bit worried. What should I do? Has anyone else done this before? :krazy:

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Hi,I have had fish that lost some scales before and good news is,they do grow back within a couple of weeks :D Salting the tank and keeping his water pristine will help prevent any infections...just keep an eye on him and see if his wound isn't getting bad.Hope that helped a bit :)

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