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Tank Of The Month Winner


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Congrats Mookie please take a look at the KGW Cafe and email me koko@kokosgoldfish.com on what you would like from there and also send me your address :D

Also before that tell us about this tank?


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B) Hello Gang, wow thank you very much everybody for voting! Well this is my 125 gallon tank. It's home to 3 Ryukins, 2 Red & White Ryukins (Luna & Cottonmouth) and 1 Calico Ryukin (Kong) and last but not least 1 Chocolate Moor (Skid Mark). I have 4 Emperor 400's (1600 gph) and I have a 36W Turbo Twist UV hooked up to a Mag Drive 350. My tank has been up and running for about 15 months now and it's my quiet place in my basement where I can get away from the world. Thanks again to everybody, I'll tell the guys this morning they won!!!

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