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Yellow/orange Gill?

Guest Barney

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I have a 30 gallon tank with two Shubunkin (around 7" each). It's been running for about a year and half. It has a power filter and good aeration. I clean the water (about 30%) once a week. Several live plants (amazon swords) and river rock bottom. One solid stone ornament (not new).

The water readings are currently...

Nitrate 20

Nitrite 0

Hardness 300 (very hard)

Alkalinity 300 (high)

pH 8.4 (alkaline)

Over the last few days the tank has been cloudy. I've never had the problem before. The only thing I can potentially trace it to is that I changed the power filter insert, from carbon to the paper filter. I did this a few weeks ago because I treated for ick (nothing ever came of it, but I saw a few small salt like granules on their fins and wanted to be sure). I stopped that medication several weeks ago. We had a new plecostomus around that time who died. I wasn't sure if it was a disease, the medication itself (said to be safe) or just the shock of the move that killed him.

Last night, to try to clear up the cloudiness, I did a 50% water change and went back to the carbon filter. Tonight it still looks pretty cloudy, very little improvement if any.

Now I've noticed that the area surrounding one of my goldfish's fins is yellowish, almost metallic orange. He's a shubunkin so it's hard to be certain it wasn't always there, but it looks new. After I changed the water last night he was darting around the tank but I attributed it to the water being too warm (the thermometer read around 80). Today both goldfish look fairly normal. The one with the yellowish fins has a few scales slightly sticking out, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I sometimes think the scales on the other might be popped out a bit, but it's hard to tell. Their eyes look normal I think.

Any thoughts on what might be clouding the water/causing yellow fins? Thanks for any input! I don't know a lot about diseases but for some reason I'm worried about dropsy (probably because it can be fatal and I love these guys). Do you think it's best to treat for it even if I'm not sure? :blink:

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Sorry no one has gotten back to you yet. I am not sure what could be going on so I will bump this to the top and see if you get some replies.

On a further note, if the fish seem healthy and not sick I would just watch them and see what develops.


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