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Gold Fish Sick


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Ok well i did have a post about a golden alge eatter well I took him out because he was after my red cap. But I guess I waited to late. She is sick and hurt now. She has lots of scals missing on her sides, she is losing weight, she has a stringy looking tail now. The other goldfish is fine, the other is fat, good looking, healthy. I took the red cap out and put her in her own tank for now. I need to know what should i put in the tank right now? Salt or anti fungus care? She eats some but last night she looked like she did not care to eat.

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Guest Chishower

I think she should heal up fine if you salt her container to .3% and keep the water perfect - zeros across the board.

to salt to .3 - take one teaspoon of aquarium/rock/canning salt per gallon and pre-dissolve in tank water. Add, and repeat in 12 hours, and then another 12 hours. That will get you up to .3%. Then you just replace what you take out with water changes.

I would offer her a few peas before going back to feeding her regular food, as well.

Good luck with your fishy! :heart

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