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ph 7.2-7.6

Alkanity 80-120

Hardness 250-425

No2 0

No3 40

Ammonia 0

Tap ph 6.8-7.2

Tap Alkanity 80-120

Tap Hardness 120-250

Tap No2 0

Tap No3 20-40

Tap Ammonia 0

Tank 10gal

2 goldies--comets

Mech (i think, its the plug in and sticks out on back of tank)

Tank running--maybe january? december?

Check and change water? As frequently as I can--Last one was last Sunday. Usually 1 time a week @ 20-30%.

Feed veggies, eggs, frozen brine shrimp, flakes (will switch to pellets as soon as the flakes run out), peas

Now the story--

Been out of town for two weeks--house sitting for a family. Came back over the weekend and changed the water, and put another weekend feeder in. I came home for good tonight to find a scare-- My tank top open (should of seen my face!) and there is that stupid white fungus stuff on the hood again. I whipe off and it grows back. Ok after examining my fish--I notice one is very listless (however alive!) he has a couple of very pale brown spots on his head. Hoovers in corners--will swim when forced. Eating frozen ok--however, not much an appetite. He looks a little thin too. Gills look normal. Breathing changes to very mellow when sitting still and when swimming visible breathing then. The fin that is kinda under the tale has something weird to it. Not sure how to describe this either--its like a very thin and pale soft pink going horizantal (up and down) with bubbles.

He looks skinny to me too. Eyes look a little more dull to me too. Preferring to sit still at bottom of tank.

I recently treated for numerous of problems and had to strip the tank and clean it. I forgot what I treated them with, ask Paul. Sorry hon, but I remember you helping me with. I forgot what it was though!

Haven't seen any poo yet too so I can't decribe what that is.

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Those feeder blocks seem to always cause troubles. I bet you anything they are somehow related to your fish's condition.

I don't know about the brown spots but I suggest you do a major water change of 50-60% and salt the water to .1%. One teaspoon of salt per gallon of water.

Hopefully, this will be enough to perk up your fish and it's natural resilience will bring it back to health. If not, it may be necessary to medicate with a general antibacterial/antifungal medication. Post back and see how it goes.

edit: since your tank lid had excessive fungal growth, the brown spots on your fish may be fungal also. I'm guessing the feeding block has made your water too rich in nutrients which have sparked the fungal growth.

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Oops I forgot to say that the tank is salted hehe. its at .03% i knew there was something i forgot to say but i couldn't remmeber. i can do the fish change today. why do the feeders do that? is there something else i should do in the future where i need to be gone a few days?

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Those feeders can just fall apart in the water, and the fish either eat themselves dumb and silly, or the dissolving food just sits there and rots, if the fish have their more than fair share of food. Either way, it causes a big ammonia spike, especially if nobody catches that and can perform a water change of pick the uneaten food out. Those feeders make a big mess, and I would rather just leave the fish with no food if the time frame isn't too long, of find a trusted person (maybe an employee from a nearby petstore?) to do the feeding in prepacked ziploc bags.

The skinny fish - could it be that the other one got all the food, so he didn't get anything the last few days?

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