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Recent Fishies Pics!


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Just took the following pics today after I put the first disc of algae wafer (supposedly for my 2 plecos) in my tank. Goldies about 1 1/2-2 inch (body only) long, but I swear they've grown a bit since the first time i got them


ranchu close up (no black mouth now :D )


pearl & 2 fantails


fantail & moor

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Goldies (especially ranchu) went crazy for algae wafer :lol:


"Hellooo I smell sumtin nice down there"


"Ha! Found you!"


"Hmm this is good!"


"Hey I want some too!"


"What u guys doin down there?"


"Bah! Fine, u can have it..." :D

Sorry if the pics arent clear, and i havent named them yet :lol: so hard choosing names for all of them

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cheers guys

i just changed the water of the tank and took the opportunity to take pics of the fishes when they're placed in a styrofoam box. here are just a few of many :D


the whole gang viewed from above, the box is 21 cm x 16 cm (about 8 1/4 inch x 6 1/4 inch) so u can have an idea how big (or small :D ) they are


another one, sorry bout the poo :lol:


i tried a few times to get a decent pic of my ranchu from the top (japanese style ;) ) this is the best one. obviously the fish is not show quality :D , but looks cool nonetheless and i love him

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Hey - great pix - gorgeous fish! Lucky you, five and 2 plecs! We got work on the name thing - hey, how about calling one of them Spekoek!?

The other day a spirulina flake got under Graham's bridge and he pulled that same liitle desparate digging thing your Ranchu was doing - it is so funny, isn't it?!

He did not stop until I reached and moved the bridge for him! Then, he could REALLY check it all out and make sure nothing was missed! :lol:

Wow - seven names - we gotta get working on that list! :rofl

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