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Coralife T-5 Series Lightstrips

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I just recieved my Coralife T-5 series double linear strip from BigAls.com All I have to say is WOW! I never put much thought into T-5 lamps as they are much slimmer than regular flourescent bulbs. I figured that less surface area meant less light output but it doesn't seem to apply, really. Very bright with a good healthy, full spectrum. Anyway, the two lamps combined in the strip are creating about half the heat of one flourescent the same length.

The BEST thing about this light strip is its dimensions: 46.25"L x 3"W x 1"H they also make 36" 30"and 24" as well as some "mini" models for tiny tanks. Each different unit still remains 1 inch high and 3 inches wide. Thats TINY!!!!


Coralife Freshwater Aqualight T-5 Series - Double Linear Strip

* 28 watt ColorMax full-spectrum and 28 watt 6700K plant T-5 fluorescent lamps

* On/off switch and built-in ballasts

* Sleek, designer-black aluminum housing

* Highly-polished reflector

* Acrylic lens cover

* Adjustable width tank mounts

Ideal for Freshwater and Planted Aquariums.

All in all, I am VERY pleased and plan in switching most, if not all, of my tanks to Coralife lighting systems..... :exactly

Here's a link to Coralifes parent company ESU: Energy Savers Unlimited

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Thanks Paul. I am in the market for a light for my new 20 gallon set up. I purchased it on craigslist and it was supposed to include the light, but he "forgot" it when we met at a parking lot to do business. I figured everything else I got was worth the $40 I paid, but now I want to add the light. It does have the hinged glass top.

I really was overwhelmed at the choices when I started looking around. I have only purchased a hood/light combo for my 29 gallon and I realize that there must be better things out there, but there was too much information for me to process so I stopped. :D

Right now I have the hood/light from my 10 gallon hospital tank (that is not up right now) sitting on top. It uses incandescent bulbs and gets REALLY hot. I only turn it on when I am right there looking at it. Otherwise I just let the ceiling light give them light.

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I just received my coralife t-5. You are correct, it is very small and puts out a lot of light! I looked around and there is nothing comparable for the price.

I have a question for you: how do you "connect" the acrylic lens cover? Does it just sit between the glass tank cover and the light or are you supposed to be able to snap it in some how?

When mine is sitting with the switch and cord facing the back, a small strip of (very bright) light emits from the bottom edge that is unpleasant when you are in front of the tank. I turned it around and it is not noticible, but the cord is awkward. Is yours like this?


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I have another Coralife light and I love them, great product and great prices for the amount of light you get, the only problem I have run into is that the fan on one of mine is going out after 1 year, but over all great light :D

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