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Funny Fish!


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I did a water change yesterday and had to go out in kind of a hurry right afterwards so I just left the tank decor wherever it landed after siphoning... well, all morning Graham Norton has been acting funny and I thought - he cannot possible be sick again! He just finished a course of Prazi, had a water change - has one very 5 days, has a super filter, tons of bubbles, params perfect... I've done all this work - he just can't be sick again! He got really weird when I fed him!

So, I decided to give it one shot before getting all flustered - I moved the pagoda back to its usual spot, moved the palnts around, and smoothed out the gravel and wouldn't know - he is right as rain! He's like a cat! He's a fish-cat! :rofl

Well,, I 'm just glad he likes his new set-up so much! He is very proud of his tank and doesn't want it looking messy! :tomuch

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