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How Often, Do You Test Your Water?

Guest jimmy_396_jimmy

how often?  

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  1. 1. how often?

    • once a week
    • whenever
    • when i change water
    • i think of checking but is lazy
    • i don't have a test kit

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It truly depends on what I am doing with a tank.

A cycling tank will be tested ( ammonia or nitrite and ammonia or all three depending on the developing cycle) on an increasing schedule until it is to a daily basis near the end of the cycle. (Fishless)

A tank that has been changed is some way, treated with meds, or has a fish load that has changed is tested daily for a bit, or until any danger of a cycle bump is gone.

A tank that is established and solidly unchanged for months is tested weekly.

Any time a tank looks, smells or acts differently, or anytime equipment it changed or altered in any fashion, a test is done.

I send my well water and my RO water to a chemical company for analysis every 6 months, for it changes with the seasons and I need to know what I am getting. This allows me to treat the water accordingly.

I love making up little charts with all the little numbers filled in in neat little columns.

I am obsessive! :lol:

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If funky is going on with my fish or the water, I test usually before a water change. For some tanks its weekly, others its twice a week or more (betta tank w/out filter)

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