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Tank Cycle On 9th Day

Guest Intermouse

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Guest Intermouse

Hi, Tank is on its 9th day now. I will go through what I done from the 1st day and then give water readings to go with them.

21/08/05 Positioned tank and added ornaments which includes 3 live plants. Filled with Rainwater (see Pic of Tank below)


Added 40ml Stress Zyme (See Pic)


I dont understand filters much but this is the one on the tank, It has an underwater pump drawing water into these. (see pic)

Wool material on top Black sponge on bottom. These lay on top of Ceramic Noodles and Carbon.


22/08/05 PH 7.6 Ammonia 0.0-0.25 On this day added 10 Danios 1 Apple Snail

23/08/05 PH 7.4 Lost two Danios Now have eight. Ammonia 0.0-0.25

24/08/05 PH 7.5 Ammonia 0.0-0.25

25/08/05 PH 7.0 Ammonia 0.0

26/08/05 PH 6.8 Ammonia 0.0

27/08/05 PH 6.5 Ammonia 0.0 Added One Goldfish

28/08/05 PH 6.8 Ammonia 0.0-0.25 Done a 30% water change and added Declorinated Water and Water conditioner. Also added 1 Tsp Bicarb Soda and rechecked PH 7.2

Added My last two goldfish + 3 more Apple Snails and Four Mini Alga Eaters 1/2 inch long. ( Getting desperate for Ammonia lol )

29/08/05 PH 7.2 Ammonia 0.0

Nitrites and Nitrates have also remained zero throughout.

I bought a KH test kit and it is between 179 and 214

I feed the fish a mixture of Flake and Pellet food ( no veges yet )

Water temp is a constant 76-77

Hope this helps solve the mystery, My fish look happy, the water is crystal and I am at a loss because everything I have read on Koko's is not what is happening.


Posted this also under Tank cycle 3 days

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Guest jimmy_396_jimmy

hmm........can you mention how big your tank is and gph of the filter?

don't worry the ammonia will come

(that's a cool looking filter)

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Guest Intermouse

I just got another filter to help with the original. I now have 1550lt an hour. I also have an Ammonia alert disc and Ammonia is still zero. Question: Does the tank have to have Nitrites and nitrates or is it fine to have all these on zero

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  • Regular Member

Check out the article on cycling linked at the top of this forum. Also, here's an article that I wrote recently.


Just keep an eye on ammonia and you can use amquel or prime and partial water changes to keep it from getting toxic. and keep an eye out for nitrIte as it's the next toxic thing to show up.

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