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Goldfish Finrot

Guest 2 lil fancies

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Guest 2 lil fancies

Ammonia Level 0 to 0.25 can't quite tell

Nitrite Level? 100

Nitrate level? 0

Ph Level? 7.6

Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.6

Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 21 gallon 3 weeks

What kind of Filtration? juwel compact 500 l/ph

How often do you change the water and how much? twice weekly 25 %

What kind of Water additives or conditioners? nutrafin water conditioner and just added 21 tsp salt

Any Medications add to the tank? none

How many fish in the tank and there size? 2 fancies, 2 inch each

Add any new fish to the tank? no

What do you feed your fish? worms, flakes, pellets, brocolli, carrots

Any unusual findings on the fish? frayed fins

Any unusual behavior? weak

If you can what is the chloramines Level

from the Tap? No idea but conditioner states it removes it.

Both fish are effected although terry is weaker (chocolate oranda)

20 litres changed last night, tanks not yet cycled.

Think this is my stupid fault, didn't relise my betta was ill, and was stupidly using the same equipment. Tai died of what i'm now sure was fin rot. Tai was in with a school of catfish that i;'m now watching closely.

I have added 21 teaspoons of salt (21 gallon tank). Melafix is on order but won't be here till later in the week.

Hope you can help guys? Tai died within 24 hours and desperate to not let it happen to the goldies.

Trisha (working till 1pm uk time, and have 5 gallons of water i can put in this tank if needed, but need to know what to do about salt etc. Thanks.)

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Would you be able to clarify your water readings again? Nitrite at 100?

I was going to say perhaps you got nitrates and nitrites mixed up but as your tank hasn't cycled yet - even nitrates at 100 wouldn't make sense :blink:

Finrot can be due to bacterial infection which results from any one of the following:

1. Fin nipping

2. Parasites

3. Poor water quality (ie. high bacterial counts in the water)

Stress is another major cause of fin rot brought about by poor water quality and the most important first step is to resolve this issue - and see if this shows any improvement.

Salting is a great idea but the most important thing that may show good results would be getting your water perfect first. Then if you need to medicate, it will do the job of healing as opposed to adding additional stress... Your fish will need a strong immunity to fight whatever ails them and the only way they can do this is in a perfect environment... so i'd suggest more waterchanges :)

I don't think Melafix will do much (IMHO, i've never had any joy using it but it does make the water smell nice) - are you able to get any other kind of antibiotics from your lfs?

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Guest 2 lil fancies

Thanks for replying. hmm ok

no3 reading was 100 mg per litre Hope this helps with that one.

If not, i'll retest when i get in.

Ok,so should i carry on with the salt? Or leave it as it is and not worry.

I've had to switch the filter off for 3 hours as i'll be at work and can't supervise it, the oranda's been sucked into it and stuck 3 times this morning. I don't want him to get injured. I'll put it back on for an hour when i get in from work, and then back on 2 hours later when i get home, hope this won't do too much damage (i don't have a weaker filter to go in.

Right, I'm gonna do a 40 litre change this evening, then attempt the same tomorrow morning to try and get those readings down.

My partner is picking up some fin rot meds just incase, but i'll hold off till i've spoken to you guys and done the water changes.

Thank you for getting back to me


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Hi Trisha - No3 (nitrate) - 100mg/l (ppm) is too high. So would you be able to check what your reading is out of your tap? You could have high nitrates in your source water. Depending on what your tap water contains, waterchanges with diligent gravel vacuuming will get your nitrates down to an acceptable <40.... Also, it'd be interesting to see what they are out of your tap as a 3 week old tank that's still cycling should be showing low No3.

Also, I'm really concerned that you don't have constant filtration going - your tank will take a bit longer to cycle but most importantly, it's so beneficial that the filter cleans your water constantly so the good bio-bugs can do their work ...

Is there any way you can put a guard around your intake stem? Or put a screen around it? This will help keep your guys safe from being sucked in...

So yes indeedy - a big waterchange should help enormously for now as this is the best method for getting nitrates under control :)

Just on the finrot - once you get your water looking good, i'd try medicating and see how you go (would you be able to post the meds you get?)

Post back soon :)

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Guest 2 lil fancies


terry (oranda) died!

The water out of the tap is testing at 50mg per litre

guess that answers some of it.

What on earth do i do now?! I have 2 tanks running!

The filter's back on thanks. Nemo seems ok with it although he's not in tip top shape.

The only meds i can get are a nutrafin ( i think) fin rot one, methylene blue and melafix.

What can i do to save nemo?

Thank you.


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Guest 2 lil fancies

ok i have an option to run past you. the cory tank is cycled and the same temp as the goldie tank (warm house)

the no3 is only 25-50 in there.

It's a ten gallon with 7 albino cory's

Is it worth packing nemo into there short term to try and save his little bum?


And what can i do about the chemicals in my tap water?

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Guest 2 lil fancies

Well took terry's body to the petshop, and it doesn't look like finrot apparently.

Looks like he's either been nipped (which i'm certain hasn't happened) or else it's some kindof bacteria. He's recommended melafix which i have on order but haven't bought today.

I salted the tank this morning, so i'm about to read up on that. I'm also gonna salt the cories as a precaution, given that 3 of my 10 fish have been affected by this and the other seven have tank shared with a diseased fish.

About to do a 20 litre change, followed by another 20 litres before i go to bed.

And then 40 tomorrow after work.

Thanks for your advise so far guys, keep it coming.


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Guest 2 lil fancies


water change done

20 litres

new tank readings

ammonia 0-0.25 can't quite tell

nitrAte 50mg/l

nitrIte 0

NitrAte has halved.

Nemo is quite lively and has eaten some worms and is very responsive to me. His tail is still a little haggared but is the same as this morning with no deterioration.

Next water change at 10pm :)

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