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Further Update On Pippin


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Well - Deirdre finally brought her betta, Pippin, to Dr. Tepper out on Long Island. He has had persistent finrot for close to a year. The dr. put him on medicated food and otherwise just kept his water clean, and he is doing better; she will probably be picking him up in a couple of weeks, when the dr is sure there is regrowth on the fins.

But I think we're both worried about what caused this in the first place? The power outages last summer, and a possible decline in water quality? Dirt in the gravel (it's very hard to get it all out, though Deirdre gravel vacuums every time she does a water change - at least once a week.)? Or maybe too strong a current, or some combination?

Rubeus, in his 1 or 1 1/2 gallon bowls, is as happy and healthy a fish as we've had. Poor Pip, in the filtered 6 gallon tank, has been struggling. What kind of sense does that make?

Anyway, everyone's fine now - at least for now!

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