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Uv Set Up


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So ive been looking for an ingenious way to hide all the icky ugly hoses for my UV filter....and last night...I GOT IT!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

I have some of those plastic drawers taht stack up next to my tank...So...I cut a hole in the top one...and Voila! Hidden UV!

heres some pix of my progress!


the drawers that its in...the top still isnt on yet


the pump, and the hole for cords and the hole for hte hoses


the whole thing....almost done!

now im gonna stick my air pump in there too, and put the lid on! :lol:

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Yeah!!! A UV and great camo! :goodjob Looks good - and now you even solved the noisy airpump situation - you are so clever!

How did you hook up the UV? I am wondering how does one know how to adjust the flow through the UV to the canister flow (when a "laden" canister will flow more slowly than an "unladen swallow, I mean canister! ;) )?

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