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Help Simon..more Detailed

Guest jellybiehn

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Guest jellybiehn

Thank you for responding to the last post, here are some more details..sorry didnt know if i should just reply to my last one or start another one, new here.

Nitrites in tank - 0

pH - 7.2 in tank and 7.4 from tap

Tap Cl- .25-.50 but 0 ammonia so no chloramines in tap

Ammonia level in tank now .5-1 which is a brand new problem

20 gallon tank (very surprised this is too small for the little guys so im glad i came here)

Has a Aqua Clear mini filter with carbon and Ammonia chips filters

Feed Tetrafin goldfish flakes morning and night small pinches and their eating well

There are only the 2 goldfish in the tanks and they are both about 2 inches in size not including tailfins

Last cleaned the tank last week, changed 25% of water and scrubbed algea off sides. Cycle and Quick cure are the only additives i have used


Jacob is in good health, no abnormal behavior or rapid breathing and never any infections, tail and fins all open with no damage or stress

Simon is constantly getting bacterial infections with white fuzzy patches on top fin and base of tail sometimes accompinied by red blotches and his top fin is slightly deteriorated. He has recently started spending some time at the top of the tank but then will be swimming normally when you approach and is eating well. does not appear to be breathing rapidly.

I am aware that the ammonia is a problem and will immedeatly change some water and look into the treatment...why is the ammonia chips filter not preventing this? I am also using Quick cure because it has gotten rid of the problem before and am wondering if using it is affecting the tank conditions and why Jacob is doing fine

thank you for your help! Simon appriciates it!


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Guest Chishower

In your last post you said you had a 10 gallon tank, and now you say its 20. Which one is it? Because 20 is just perfect for 2 fancy goldfish.

It sounds like your tank still hasn't cycled. If I were you, I would throw the ammo-chips out. Once your tank is cycled, having ammo-chips will only starve the benefical bacteria.


A good water change, 40-50% should help take the stress off him from ammonia.

I don't think you have enough filtration. A 10 gallon tank needs 100gph in filtration, and a 20 needs 200 gph in filtration. Messy little guys. When you clean the filter cartriges, just swish them around in old tank water and put them back in. You don't need to replace them until they are falling apart.

Sounds like part of Simons problem is that your tank is still reading ammonia. Stress loweres their immune systems and makes them more suseptible to illness.

As for treatment, You cannot salt the tank until you get those ammo-chips out of there. Salt will make them release any ammonia they have trapped. Hopefully one of the experts will have more to add to this...

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Guest jellybiehn

Im sorry, i just realized that i wrote 20 gallon this time and it is in fact a 10 gallon tank...you had replied just before i went to fix the mistake, but thank you for the great tips!

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