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Please Help With Simon

Guest jellybiehn

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Guest jellybiehn

Hello, I just found this site tonight and was hoping someone could help. I have owned 2 fancy tail goldfish, Simon and Jacob, for about 1 year now. They are the only fish in a 10 gallon tank with filter system including an ammonia filter. Simon has had what appears to be a bacterial infection with sometimes red streaks and some fin deterioration several times now. Jacob is always uneffected.

I am aware most problems arise from poor water conditions. At last testing all systems were within normal levels except the nitrites, but this problem was resolved with the addition of cycle and was within normal limits as of tonight. I add new water that has been distilled regularly, and have since turned off the uv lamp.

The infection odly appears to go away with the addition of Quick cure, as i knoe it is not used for bacteria. I am also having to use it frequently to stop the illness and worry about overuse. (use it for 1-2 days about 1Xper month as Simon gets sick)

I would really appriciate any advice anyone has to treat and please prevent Simon from getting sick all of the time.

Thanks, J

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Guest Chishower

Welcome to koko's!

Ok, first of all your slightly overstocked. 2 fancy goldfish need a minimun of 20 gallons of water.

Having nitrites means your tank still hasn't cycled, which is odd after a year. Can you tell me how often you clean your tank and filter and how you do it? Also, can you post your exact levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH?

What filter is on the tank?

It sounds like fin rot. The red streaks could be from stress, or could be something worse. Are they the only things in the tank?

I think we want to add salt, but not until your water quality is better.

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  • Regular Member

Hi there! and welcome to Koko's!

Thanks for coming to us for help, It'd be really good if you could answer all the questions in th ewhite box that appears above the dialog box when you are writing a post.

It's difficult to know what's going on with your tank when not all the information is available for us, please post back! There are heaps of lovely people out here who are willing to help with your problems.

And Chishower is right, 10 galls is a little too cramped for two goldies.

How do you clean your tank?

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