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Is He Okay?


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Ammonia Level:.25

Nitrite Level:0

Nitrate level:0

Ph Level:8.0

Ph Level out of the Tap: No idea

Tank size:10 gallons

How long has it been running: About a week

What kind of Filtration:Whisper Filter

How often do you change the water and how much: About Everyday 30%

What kind of Water additives or conditioners:Wardleys Chlor Out

Any Medications add to the tank:Nope

How many fish in the tank and there size:3 Common GoldFish, 10 Gall, (yes, I know I'm overstocked)

Add any new fish to the tank:Nope

What do you feed your fish:Wardleys Flakes

Any unusual findings on the fish:Curled dorsal fin,2 Slight tears in Tail fin

Any unusual behavior:Sitting on the Bottom, and kinda tilted off to the side. Swims around once in awhile but seems like a weak swimmer...Likes to hide under my castle and scares me like heck...

If you can what is the chloramines Level

from the Tap:No Idea


My little Commons is really quite tiny, and he's got a curled dorsal fin, and seems like a really weak swimmer 'cause he has 2 tears in his tail fin. He tries to eat food, but doesn't seem to have enough suction, and he gets whoooshed away by the small current. Is there anyway to make him feel better, or to get his dorsal fin uncurled?

EDIT: He's hiding under the castle again, I think to get away from the current.... :krazy:

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Hi there. :D

Its sounds as though you know about the cycle of the tank and are performing waterchanges until this happens, am I right? :huh:

What is the name and size of the filter you have on the tank?

Well, there is two more things that you can do to help him out. Raise the salinity to between 0.1 and 0.3% and Ditch the wardleys chlor-out for either Prime or Amquel Plus. Either of these two dechlorinators detoxify ammonia and nitrItes as well as dechlorinate. They are indispensible when cycling a tank/filter with goldfish in it.

Here's a link that explains all: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html

Keep an eye out for a larger tank soon..... ;)

Hope this helps!

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Guest deedeesue

So Sorry to hear about your fish. :cry1

I agree with toothless about the Prime. I used it when I cycled my tank and it really helped my fishies through.

I also agree that you are going to have to get a bigger tank.

you could also try "biospira" ( the good bacteria) if you can find it. My daughter cycled her tank in about 2 weeks with it.

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Can you remove him so he is not strugling against the curent?

OR.......Placing ornaments, rocks or plants to break the curent may help.

How long has it been sinse he has not eaten? Goldies can go a LONG time without food. You could try to handfeed him aswell.

You said the tanks been runing one week....how long have you had the fish? meaning did they come from another tank you already had or did you get them the same time as the tank?

If the other two fish are ok and he has been like this sinse day 1 then its possible you got a sickie from the shop :(

You will definately have to think about a bigger tank for them or they will all develop problems eventually.

I sure hope he is gonna be ok!

can you also retest the water for us....if he is getting worse they may be a water quality issue (which is very likely in an overstocked tank)

Right now he needs GREAT water to even begin to heal and fight back. If you can post those results back ASAP

If you can not test the water then do a waterchange, as its impossible to guess the params. Maybe even think of removing him and putting him in a temperory home in Pristine water. I am just concerned that is the water is not good and he is getting worse, and he is already week and it will push him over the edge keeping him in it.

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Also I forgot to mention..if you do issolate him in new (dechlorinated)water...make sure the temp is the same as the tank so he does not suffer further stress on the move.

Also salt his water as toothless said. This will help.

It is 1 TEAspoon per gallon, for a tonic level of 0.1% salinity

see how he reacts then repeat in 12 hours, repeat in another 12 hours to take you up to 0.3% salanity.

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:cry1 Meh little fishie died. :cry1

Didn't even get the chance to name him....

He died shortly after my 4th post. Found him stuck to the filter opening....Just shows that my filter is a good one...

Think I'll name him Lil' One....

R.I.P. Lil' One. :rip::bye2:


Well, he was the smallest one, he hasn't been getting his share of food, and the others were picking on him....

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Oh Im so sorry!

I wish I had of seen your 4th post earlier but I had to go out and get my kids from school.

Now for the tank and the other fish..can you still test the water? So we can make sure they gonna be ok.

You need to keep the amonia .25 or under especially with a PH of 8

(Higher PH levels make amonia more toxic)

and you need to know when the NitrItes kick in...i am suspecting they have started already or the amonia has risen.(this is probably what pushed your already sick Lil' One over the edge)

If nitrItes have kicked in you will need to salt the tank as toothless sugested to help protect them from nitrIted poising.

Please post back results

and again Im so sorry you lost Lil' One

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Awww I'm sorry about Lil One. Sounds like ya due for a water change for the other babies. pH and ammonia is a lil high. Say maybe 40% water change. Use the vacuum. Sometimes ammonnia is caused by poo. I'm sorry I didn't get to this post sooner. Also, you may want to increase your oxygen. Sounds like you don't have those ground flitters that have those tubes attached to them going up and down in the tank that spits bubbles at the top of them. Ok Paul and Laura, stop laughing you know I am a natural blonde. Now what the heck is the name of that fliter? How many tank attaching filtters do you hae? It sounds like its too powerful at the top. We need to um even it out how it flows so there not much of a current. Good ida about the plants and decoersations.

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