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29 Is Up And Running!


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:happydance Ok, so yesterday, Michael (mom's boyfriend) and I put up my 29 gal!! We let it run all day and today we went and got fish food, stress coat and gravel for them (and shampoo for me) and instead of putting two telescopes in, I put all my goldies in the big(ger) tank. Now they look tiny. Well, Rue is in there with them and Kasem has a whole 10 gallons to himself! I know that my tank is crowded (still), but here's my plan/idea: A good sized pond at a store near home is around 75 bucks. I help with the animals at home and in the winter I help split wood, so I get paid for both. Instead of buying a pond in the middle of winter, I'll keep the goldies inside where it's warm and get the pond all set up in the spring, let it run for a few days and introduce the fishies when it's warm so they don't stress. Then, I'll clean the tank (siphon and water change), let it run, then have a hay-day at the fish store!

Does that sound ok?

I kind of want to put a Black Moor in with Kasem (a Betta) but I'm not sure. If not, I might get some Rosy Reds (5-6) to put in with Kasem.

I wanna know what you think!!

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