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Scaleless Koi!

Guest waltertan2

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Guest waltertan2


PH about 7.5

PH out of tap?

45 gal. almost a year(changed from 10-20-45gal. tank)

2 power filters

changed water only if water is dirty. 1/3 changed(tank clear mostly)

water conditioners?

11 fish. all 1 and 1/2-3 in. last fish added 2 months ago

goldfish flakes. sometimes pellets

no scales!

unusal behavior?

This koi had been scaleless for a long time.

Lateral line looks like a white line.

Looks dirty because of black patches :ill:ill

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Walter welcome to Koko's you will learn tons about your fish.

Unfortunetly your Koi is suffering from poor water quality. I hate to tell you but koi need 100-200 gals of water just for 1 fish, you are way overstocked. Not to mention that commons need 20 gals each and fancy gf 10 gals each. Your poor little 45 gal isn't big enough to keep them healthy.

You need to learn about cycling a tank, get tests for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and PH. Test them regularly. Water changes are a must every week, not just when the water "looks" dirty. Water can be deadly to a fish and look perfect.

Honey your fish are suffering and they need to be dealt with immediately. Do a 50% water change and another in 24 hours. Get your tests and see if you can get rid of the koi and only keep 2-4 fish depending on what other types you have.

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Guest Sacreligioushippie


The lack of scales you're seeing is from poor water quality. Shredded fins, lack of scales, black patches (healing ammonia burns) are most commonly caused by poor water quality.

Laurie's right, you need to test for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, first. If your water params are fine then it could be parasitic but it is most likely water.

Here is the link on tank cycling Cycle of the Tank

Good luck

~ Jessica

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