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Fish Floating At The Top


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Ammonia 0

Nitrite 2.0

Nitrate 10

Ph When i test with the High Range it is 7.4 With the low range 7.6..

Ph out of tap is 8.4 :blink:

10 gal two 1 inch fancy..

I change about 20% of water when params aren't good.. my nitrite won't go down though. Should I change more water than just 20% of the water?

No unusual findings

I use Aquasafe and salt when I add new water to the tank

Filtration is Top Fin 10

I feed my fish peas and other veggies and fruits sometimes..Algae wafers.. Omega one flakes..

Why does my fish float on the top and sometimes gasp for air? I have a bubble wand and when the temp goes past 80 F , I float bottle with frozen water.

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Its likely to be the nitrite level making him sick, though you cant rule out sbd issues either. You need to do more frequent water changes through the week to keep the nitrite at 0.

Try doing 30% every day for a week and see if that helps improve the situation.

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