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Floating Fish Dieing Please Help 1 Dead Already

Guest Ali2005

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Guest Ali2005

hello, i type this in a hurry as im looking at my sick fish dieing so please help as soon as possible PLEASE!

okay, i have 2 fancy goldfish (they are more like egg shaped stomache) and a normal goldfish in my tank for over a year now and everything was well until a few days ago that one of the egg-shaped goldfish started floating and is looking pretty sick to me now.

the other 2 fish seem ok but this one just lingers above the water and even if it swims into the water it cant swim for long and gets back floating again in few seconds.

i feed the goldfish Wardley Premium goldfish Flakes about 3 times daily. my tank is 5gallons and i have a 5wat light bulb on during days. the tank uses a very good filter and i even have a air pump on sometimes. i use ACE in the water which is chlorine amonia eliminator when i add/change a portion of water usually once every 2 weeks or less. :unsure:

last month a black goldfish i had died becuase of floating and now this is happening, this fish is my first goldfish ever and i really dont want it to die so please help me :o:(

the Hp level and amonia level seem ok becuase i change the water (tap watter in toronto would be 7.2/3 Hp) in a regular basis.

the fish is just floating limp and kind of bitten out on the surface of the water and on its tail its got some few white spots should i use anti-fungus in the tank?

also another question...should i add a dash of salt to the tank? if yes will kitchen salt be ok? or will industry salt (stones) like the onse you use in home water filters be ok?


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Guest Chishower

Ok, first of all your tank is way too small. Fancy goldfish need 10 gallons each, and the commons/comets need 15-20 gallons each. Water quality could be a problem.

Your also over feeding, limit it to once a day, or two even smaller feedings per day.

For the floating: feed them nothing for three days, and then feed them some cooked, shelled peas. That should clean out their system. Do a large water change (50-60%) with temperature matched dechlorinated water.

The white specks could be ich. Do they look like grains of salt?

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  • Regular Member

Also do you have water kits? You should test your water levels on Ph, Alkanity, Hardness, NitrIte, NitrAte, Ammonia. If you don't have a kit, then go get a sample of your fish water and your tap water and take it to your pet store. Most pets stores will test the water for free. Salt--its ok to use salt yes. DO NOT use ordinary kitchen salt. I recommend Sea Salt, there are some other salts out there as well you can use--I would either pick up a bag of salt from the pet store or I would buy all natural sea salt. The dose you want to do is 1 Teaspoon per gallon of water. Do that for 3 days to bring it toa .03% of salt water.

Salt the tank AFTER a 30% change of water.

Tomarrow do another 25% change of water and replace the salt. Ie: you take one gallon out of the tank, put 1 teaspoon salt back in etc.

Also get the water tested and post the results here. If you need to do that at a pet store--demand the numbers not that the "water is ok". We need the numbers, sorry.

Can you describe the white spots you are seeing? What shape? What size? What speed growth (how fast is more spots coming on) is it? Any texture to it? Ie: smooth, bumpy, rough, etc. Are there any other symptoms? How do the gills look? Meatish and red? How fast is he breathing?

The more information the better we can assist you. And he is right, you are severely over stalked. And you are over feeding. Deffinatly stop feeding for 3 days then do the peas like he was saying. Then try some frozen brine shrimp.

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Guest Ali2005

ok... sorry i was busy and forgot to check the forum for a couple of days. as for the floating fish he died that night :crp :( becuase his status was WAY over the line for any help. he had absolutly no body control and he couldnt be helped :(

however i realized i should stop feeding the other 2 for a couple of days so i didnt feed them for 3 days and now i feed them once a day and i wet the food before i put it in. i am going to try peas (do i mash them? or put them in fully) and i did a 30% water change and also i have lots of water softener salt, should i add some of that?

as for the white spots, they are not alot, just about 3-4 pretty small (1mm diameter and less) and they are begining to go away becuase i asked my naighbor who has a 100 gallon tank and she gave me rid.ick and i put less than 4ml per day for 3 days...should i keep putting it in?

and also does vvvv do the water test? becuase thats the only local pet store near me. :unsure:

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Aww I'm sorry about your baby. What kind of salt do you have? If aquatic safe, yes add it. Sounds like you have the case of Ichthyophthirius aka "Ich." For ich you suspend feeding and slowly raise the tank temp over a period of 48 hours to about 85 degrees fahrenheit. This will speed the cycle life of the cyst thus eradicating it. (Keep the salt in there) Gradually lower the temperature when spots are no longer visible and resume feeding. It won't hurt to do a dose of aloe formula daily. It helps aid in healing and so does the salt. Now the temp will add stress to the fish for being so high. It is essential that the tank contains the salt as earlier said. You also need to keep a very close eye on them during this two dair period. They may gasp for air at the tank surface. Hopefully upon resumptionof their normal tank temp they will return to normail.

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Guest Ali2005

i am going to add that the spots are ONLY on the fish's tails and none are on its actuall body so that should be a relief right?

how do i find out if the salt is aquatic safe? its just normal water softener salt (chunky stones). anyways i have eaten one before when i was little :lol: and i didnt get sick but a human's imunity system is way better than a fish i suppose.

i will stop feeding and the 25 wat lamp on for 24h should bring up the temp. alot becuas ei turn it of at night.

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how do i find out if the salt is aquatic safe? its just normal water softener salt (chunky stones).


Hi there :)

Ok water softner or conditioner salts are different.

What you need is aquarium salt or...get some natural sea salt from the grocery/supermarket

Just make sure it is NOT table salt.

Ick looks like this


Like someone sprinked salt on the fish

If that is what it has then yes add the salt

If you only have 5 gal then grab a small cup and scoop up some water from his/her tank

Place 5 TEAsponns of the salt in it and disolve

add it to the water in a place where the water is moving...like above the airstone.

then in 12 hours repeat

In another 12 hoours repeat again

Now in only 5 gal you will have to test the water daily and be prepared to do daily changes if necessary so each time you change some water you have to replace the salt.

I hope that made sense!

As for your question on how to feed peas...place peas in small cup/bowl with tank water, nuke till thawed out

then pinch the pea with fingers and the inside will fall out of the shell in two bits

discard the shell

depending on size of fish, squash or cut the inside of the pea and feed

I find 2 peas enough for one fish thats about 3 inch big..they take a while to chew them.

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