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Dead Baby Pearlscale :(

Guest VanillaOranda

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Guest VanillaOranda

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: ??

Nitrate: 10 (on my scale) 1609898769 billion(according to pet store)

Ph: 7.6

Ph of tap: ??

Tank size: 10gal, running a month and a half

Filter: outside power heater

Water change: 50% every week

Meds: due to ick, I put in some Maracyde and there's always like .1% salt in my goldie water (AquaPlus for the chlorine)

Fish: two baby (1inch each) Pearlscales and a baby (1inch) african albino clawed frog

(but for now I put the other Pearlscale MariGold in with my other goldies cause i'm scared of my water even if I find it ok...) (all new)

Food: sinking pellets, flakes, peas (alternating, but mainly the sinkers)

Symptoms: (hard since he was so new) but I suppose a bit more inactive than the other... floatyness and inflated/red left gill one night, dead the morning after (he'd eaten each day 2-3 pellets)

Chloramines: no clue what that is


I went to my neighborhood pet store (sorry, no clue what an lfs is) and yeah, they had these oh-so-adorable baby pearlscales!!! :heart *dies* awwwwwwww, they were so cute and fat and I loved them!!! they had a mild case of ick, but they looked healthy and active and i had an empty 10gal, so I decided to get a couple! yey (yes, I know that's too many for a 10gal, I change my water more!) :newfish SOoooooooooo, I brought 'em home (along with an adorable white african clawed frog) and put them all in the tank (yes after acclamaiting them)! they were all doing really fine and all, they were kinda... not that active... but I figured with all the stress and they aren't really that active, they're so round! but so anyways, second day, right before going to bed, the darker one (PeachSchnapps) kinda had like... something wrong with his left gill... it kinda looked swollen and redish... :ill I figured what the heck, maybe he had it the whole time, and I hope he'll be better tomorrow! but I was ever so wrong!!! he was dead and floating when I found him the next morning!! :cry1 his body looked all bloated and redish!!! (more blaoted that usual, yes!) and I could see his veins on his body I wanted to take him back to the pet store and try to get another one (they have a 2-day garantee, I know i'm horrible, but he was expensive!!) so the guy did a test on my water, my Ph was ok, my ammonia was ok (it was a cycled tank) but apparently (this part doesnt show up on MY testkits!) my Nitrite and Nitrate levels were... OFF the map!!! :blink:

so I din' get a new fish... which sucks... but yeah, I think that they were being hypocritical, I mean.... there was something medically wrong with my fish! I just... dont know what... if you guys have any clues... please tell me!!!

could this be an advanced form of ick??? are my nitrites and nitrates really responsible??

I'd really appreciate anyone's two cents

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