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Betta Not Eating


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I am baby sitting a betta for a friend of mine. First of all... he doesn't look too great... his color is faded. Now he is swimming around, and this morning did the little stalking when I came to feed him his food (blood worms) but he puts one in his mouth and then spits it out. I've also tried betta bites, and flakes...

I've added some salt to the bowl... any ideas what could be going on???

Thanks so much

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Guest Chishower

Bettas are very picky, and he might just not like the food. Can you pick up some frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp to try? They normally do the trick, unless you have a REALLY picky betta, and then you might have to get a live culture...but that isnt common.

If he is still acting fine and his params are normal, I think its just that he doesnt like the taste.

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