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Here They Are!

Tazz Knight

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Very nice, Tazz! Watch our for your breeder medal in your sigi sometime in the near future (as soon as Koko gets to it... :lol: )

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thanx everyone, I'm back from a ten day vacation, I truly missed having my internet so I could get on this site!!! :heart


they have grown soo much now...several are about an inch long now and half are starting to get their colors. From the first spawning, most came out as comets. The second spawning, I see more double tails so I am assuming they will be orandas and fantails.


The two fathers are comets and the mothers are orandas and fantails.


thank you!


you were right...I was supprised to see the breeder medal....made me feel very special and a proud parent!!! :D

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Thanx...yes they are, they just spawned this past sunday, but I wasn't able to get to them before they ate teh eggs cause I was on vacation...lol....but I think I have enough fry for now cause the first batch are getting to big for the ten gallon they are in and I'm ready to move them to a 29 gal tank once it finish cycling and put the next batch in the 10 cause they are getting too big for the 2.5 gal they are in...lol....once every one moves up then I might be ready for more fry...lol

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