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My First Aquarium Plants


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I just bought some plants to go into my goldfish tank. I currently have them isolated in a large bowl.

These are the plants I bought:

Amazon Sword

Narrow Leaf Chain Sword

Green Wendtii

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Do they need any type of special substrate or nutrients other than regular aquarium gravel; and if so, what?

When the plants get larger will their root system spread all throughout the gravel or will it stay localized?

Any special advice for vacuuming gravel from around plants?

How long should I wait before I put them into my fish tank?

If I am keeping them in non-dechlorinated water will that accomplish the same thing as rinsing them in a bleach solution?

Sorry for so many questions, any input would be appreciated.


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heya Carole!

i actually have all of these plants in various tanks of mine at the moment!!

i think amazon sword is definately the most aesthetically pleasing!

whenever i buy new plants, i allways put them in my plant 'nursery' tank, before transporting them into their new tank.

in the nursery i have sand on the bottom. i find that plants seem to grow their roots more quickly in the sand. i have no idea why. :blink:

i use nutrafin plant fertaliser, and i also have a co2 canister thing on the nursery tank, just to kick start the growing!!

i find that the amazon sword roots in particular, grow very long!! i find them all over the tank!!

i dont have any problems when i use the siphon, just watch that you dont uproot them too much!!

what tempereture do you keep your tanks at?

i find that they tend to develop more in higher temperetures, and so i tend to keep them more in my tropical tanks. :)

i think it would be safe to put your plants into the tank now. just give them a good rinse before hand. this will enable them to 'settle down', rather than uprooting them agin. :)

when you say 'non-dechlorinated' water, do you mean, just untreated tap water? if so, then it will have a slightly different affect to using a bleach solution on them as it is no-where near as stong.

hope this helps. :)

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Amazon sword: http://www.plantgeek.net/plantguide_viewer.php?id=84

Narrow Leaf Chain Sword:http://www.plantgeek.net/plantguide_viewer.php?id=108


How big is your tank? Amazon sword plants become HUGE.

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Cryptocorne Wendtii develops a very large root system. When I took apart one of my planted tank, the root system was at least 18" in diameter!

The bleach solution recommended to sterilize them is 1 part bleach to 19 parts water. You just dip the plants in this for about two minutes, then remove them and rinse them very well in clear water, ending with a dip in dechlorinated water. Don't place the roots in the bleach solution, though.

The plants that you have purchased will stand up to the bleach solution very well. Some fine leaved plants, such as cabomba, often do not take the bleach solution well.

These plants are all root feeders, and do well with either a layer of fluorite or eco-complete as a substrate. If you use regular gravel (which I have done), you can use plant tab fertilizers placed in the gravel.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask questions :)

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Thanks for the replies!

Right now my plants are in relatively cold, untreated tap water. I have got a 20 gal tank; is it difficult to trim the plants to keep them a managable size or would I risk killing them? Those plantgeek websites are really nice...lots of information. Thanks.

When you say "plant tab fertilizers" do you mean something like the little miracle grow sticks? Is it regular plant fertilizer or something special for aquatic plants? Are there any side effects of using fertilizers in my tank (strange chemicals the water, clowdiness, etc.)?

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