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Lost Scales

Guest lovefish

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Guest lovefish

One of my comets has lost about five scales on one side of his body. He seems to have lighter skin around the gills than the other two fish as well. It looks as though the skin has peeled a little around the gills. I am not sure when this happened; i.e., if it happened a little at a time or all at once. The other two fish do not have any scratches on them. It doesn't appear that they are nipping or biting him.

I do have some oriental pagodas in the tank. The fish could have scratched himself on them but I didn't see this. The fish is eating (like a pig), swimming, and behaving normally.

The white spots do not look like ick - and the size is not increasing. The skin under the lost scales is white and there is no drainage.

The tank is a 50 gallon acrylic with a 400 Emperor dual bio wheel filter. There is aeration from one coral stone. The tank has been running for about five months and I have had the fish in two or three other aquariums over about one and a half years. They have had no medical problems or injuries since I got them as fry. The chlorine is: 0; Ph 6.8; Nitrate 30; Nitrite 0; Harness 50; Alkalinity 80 (strip kit said to add buffer - I have never had to do this); Ammonia Ideal. I clean the tank with the Phython. I use an occasional tablespoon of Aquarium Salt, AmQuel Plus Chlorine remover, and Nova Aqua water conditioner.

I am feeding Tetrafin Goldfish Crisps, frozen fish gumdrops, occasional lettuce, small bites of cheese, lettuce or spinach, and fruit such as chunks of orange now and then.

I was wondering if I should take the fish to the vet or some other action. I was not sure if this was a disease or injury and was wondering if the scales will grow back.

Thanks! :heart

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