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New Tank Pics ( Come And See)


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thanks guys, jimmy i have 12 fish, they are a

1 big black ranchu called max (myfavourite his full of personality)

1 small black ranchu called baby ( she loves to play in the bubbles)

1 calico ranchu called feebie ( she's very sweet and fat lol)

1 large red and white ranchu called oscar( he is my first ever fancy and he is a lovely gentle big boy)

1 lionhead white with a type of red cap, you could call it, she's called lucy,( she is very cute and a very beautiful fish)

1 celestial called selly (she is very beautiful and sweet)

1 orange bubble eye called mary she is also a nice sweet fish, hangs out wth the quieter girls

1 black bubble eye called fred, fred is abit floaty as his bubbles are like big floaters, so he floats alot and hangs out top with baby, ( both abit floaty)

1 then i have a orange pearl scale called bruce very cute and sweet ( he's the bigger of the two)

1 orange and white on face pearl scale, calledd button ( she is just that so small and cute, but full of personality and she's so confident and most times beats oscare to the food, very quick lol)

1 then i have my very eligent oranda that looks like a fantail, she is quiet yet sweet and very graceful, thats where she gets her name from natrually grace.

1 and last but not least is my new ranchu/ lionhead not sure yet, and also has no name yet he gold and very cute, loves to eat gets very excited, maybe if you have a name let me know.

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