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New Fish..again!


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So I went to the pet store to get myself another plant for my 35 gal fish tank..and ended up getting myself another fish! She isa white and red Ranchu named Bjork..<3 Shes beautiful...it was a fight between buying her and Edward last time...but..I gave in this time and bought her. :P I couldn't help it! Anyways, these are pictures of my tank, my lovely new fish, and her tank mates.

My tank with the pretty green plant that I origionally set out to buy:


Willy Wonka and Bjork:


Bjork and Willy Wonka in the background http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v302/Mid...s_/100_0836.jpg

Willy Wonka, Bjork, and Edward Scissorhands:


*Giggles* Look at Willy in the background


Bjork and Edward:


My lovely tank..still in progress..I want more blinding plants..^^


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Thanks everyone :D I really love my new fish..she seems to really like her new tank!

Thanks koko..I'm actually quite proud of my tank haha..I saw those bright green rocks at the pet store...and right then my plan for my tank formed. It's not complete yet, but when it is, I'm hoping to send it in for tank of the month. ^^ Would I be able to even though I've posted pictures of it on here? Because it will look different by then.

I've been wanting to put a black light for my tank...would that be alright? I don't think it would harm the fish, would it?

Anyways, thanks for the complements everyone!

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