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First Pics Of The Surprise Spawn!


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Here you go - I went out a few days ago and took a picture of the comet pond, where my hubby found the surprise spawn a while ago and suspected me of putting the little ones in... :rolleyes:


It is so darn hard to take pics of them - everytime I show my face there, they think they are getting fed, and run all crazy. Those little buggers learn fast! :rofl

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Marco, the big fish aren't koi, they are some of the comets that are in the pond. If I could figure out who the parents are... But thats impossible, the big comets are all sarassas, so it doesn't really matter... :lol:

Kathy, most likely I will keep them all, yes. I'll wait and see how they turn out - when we picked the parents, we looked for nice bright red and crisp white, as well as loooong tails. If there are some that are not all that great in tail length, I'll give them to our local little aquarium store. The owner takes really good care of her fish, and I know she'll find them good homes. For now, they have the luxury of just eating, swimming, playing, and some more eating.... :rofl

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