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Guest Sahara5

Ammonia Level ? 0

Nitrite Level ? 0

Nitrate Level ~ 20

Ph Level ? 8.0

Ph out of Tap ? 8.4

Tank Size ? 10 gallon for 6 months

Water Change ? 4 gallons every 7-10 days

Currently being treated with Mardel Maracide

It?s a hospital tank, so he?s alone

Food ? Medicated Anti-bacterial for internal and external parasites

There has been no erratic behavior, and no rubbing against rocks or ornaments. He eats normally, and acts normally.

I don?t know this message boards rules on posting pictures, so I hope it?s ok that I posted the pictures instead of linking to them

these were taken on July 26



these were taken on the 25th at around 6 in the morning



these were taken the 25th at around 10 at night



Back story ? In January, I first noticed a bump on my goldfish Squirt. It was similar to the one shown above, but smaller, and the white part fell off within the hour. It disappeared after 2 weeks. Since then, bumps have come and gone, always in different areas, and lasting about a week. This new one is by far the worst, and has me extreamly worried.

Since January, I?ve treated him with Mardel?s Maracyn-2 on 3 different occasions. Two weeks ago, he had a similar bump that never opened to produce the white part. For that one, I gave him a small dosage salt back and upped the temperature of the tank. He has also been treaded with Cure-Ick and MelaFix on the advice of the pet store fish ?experts.?

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I'm not sure what it is, one of my fish had the same lump and 'white stuff', he recovered with melafix and it never reoccured.

This is a long shot but my fish developed this problem after I changed the type of water in the tank. I introduced some filtered water from a fixed tap filter. The filtered water is harder than tap water, I think because it passes through a carbon filter. Noting that the pH from your tap is rather high perhaps this phenomena keeps recurring because it is related to your water hardness.

edit: just wanted to add that only one fish in the tank had this reaction to the change in water. It was definately the water because all the fish went strange but this one bloated and then got that lump with the white stuff.

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