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Sweep Has Died

Guest Bigphil

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Guest Bigphil

My Blackmoor (Sweep) is looking really bad.

He is just floating on top of water most of the time. His fins are looking all ragged and hanging down. This has happened overnight: He seemed very lively yesterday.

I sepperated from my comet 2 or three weeks ago because my other Blackmoor died in very similar circumstances but I thought he was being attacked by the commet.

Ammonia: .17ppm

Nitrates 48

Nitrites .87 ppm

No tester for Ph

Only fish in 29Gal Tank

No water additives

Feeds on Premium Goldfish flakes and occational carrot and apple.

Please help.



Sweep : Blackmoor Sue: Comet

JenW Yesterday, 12:52 PM Post #2

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Hi there bigphil - it sounds like a water issue. You may need to either use some Prime to sort out your ammonia - or do some large waterchanges to bring your ammonia and nitrites to a less toxic level.

How long has your tank been cycling? What kind of filtration do you have? How long have you had your fish? What other symptoms are there? Do you use a dechlorinator at all?

It sounds like time is of the essence as he's doing so poorly and the only chance of survival is getting his water perfect first.

I'm hoping he makes it and please post back soon.


Bigphil Today, 12:00 PM Post #3

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Hi thankyou for your advice.

I tranfered sweep back to the split 55 gal tank which was fully cycled and and water test done at local pet shop showed Ammonia and Nitrites as zero. But unfortunately it was too late and she only lasted another couple of hours.

Everything happened so quickly! Less than 24 hours from no sighn of sickness to death.

I have stayed up and watched her die, feeling totaly helpless and inadiquate.

After only a few weeks of fish keeping I have lost 5 out of 6 fish.

I am now left with just my comet, Sue, in a 55 Gal Tank.

I don't intend to get any more fish until I can afford test equipment and have learned alot more about care.

I am praying that sue will have a good long life in my care.

I don't know how to move this post to general disc. Can some one do that for me?

I'm going off line for a day or 2 to gather my thoughts.

I can't believe I'm getting so emmotional about fish!

But I just feel so down.

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so sorry to hear about your fish sweep, cute name by the way. do you know what they died of ??

i just read you had a comet with sweep, do you think the comet may have given sweep a hard time???

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Sorry to hear that sweep passed away, Sounds like fin rot to me. I had the same thing happen to phil my black moor last week.

Hope you are feeling better soon, I know it sucks to lose a fish.....We all get down when that sort of thing happens....Hang in there it will get better.

You did the best you could for him.....And he is happy up in fish heavan now.... :cry1:hug

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