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More Green Water Questions

Guest ElliotOranda

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Guest ElliotOranda

Thanks for asking about the green water. My tank resently started doing the same thing, about a week ago actually. I do water changes weekly, but last night I started to get really worried so I read your posts.

I have two tanks and only one of them is doing the green thing. So I don't think it is phosphates.

My tank stats are:

salt: 2

gh 8/146.2

nh3: 0

Ph; 7.6

Co2: 8

Nitrate: 160

Nitrite: .50

Temp: 76 degrees

30g tank w emporer 330 and 220... lost of filtration lots of aeration.

3 orandas in tank about 4 inches each

Tank has been set up for 6 months with no issues and has been cycled for quite some time.

I think something is causing a cycle issue, the fish are getting sick and Idon't know what to do. For the past two days I have done 75% water changes, and today I added amquel plus just to kill off some of the nitrates and nitrites.

Any advise would be greatly apprecitated.




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Hi there. I moved your post into here so that it may recieve proper advice. :)

Ok, can you answers these questions for me?

What is the results for ammonia, nitrItes and nitrAtes from your tapwater?

Have you recently done any changes to the tank in question? Like filter cleanings, tank/gravel cleanings, new fish added, medications added, anything like that?

How many fish and how big are they, from the tank in question?

What is the salinity in %?

So, you say that your results for nitrAtes are at 160, huh? Off the top, this is alarmingly high. You HAVE to do waterchanges to get them down below 500ppm and strive to keep them that low. ANYTHING over 500ppm can and will eventually cause problems.

The fact that your nitrItes are at that level tells me one of two things; your bio-filtration was either hampered for some reason or you have ammonia or nitrItes in your tapwater. Now, too intensive of a cleaning will cause your bio-filter to temporarily fail. So will medications. And last but not least, adding new fish all of a sudden can cause your bio-filter to be too little for the bio-load for a bit. Eventually it catches up if you are providing enough filtration.

If the tank in question is overstocked, then it would compound ANY of the reasons I listed above.

I guess the most important question would be, how are the fish? What are their symptoms thus far?

Post back soon! :unsure:


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Guest ElliotOranda

I will test the tap water, I am not sure of the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in it. I do know that I have lived here for over 6 months and never had a problem with the tap water.

I did vacuume the tank and do a 40% water change a few days before as well as change out the filters, I have had to do water changes bi weekly for the entire time I have lived here to protect the fish at first, because of the move and the re cycle. I continued to do water changes biweekly as maintainance because my fish have grown and I think they may be over crowded. But my reading after the initial move have always been good. However I do see cloudy water on occasion.

In the 30g tank, I have 3 oranda. 2 of them are about 4 inches long and the other one is some wierd hybrid, he has to be he has gotten HUGE in the past year. He is about 7 inches from head to tail.

In the 15g tank, I have 2 Oranda. One is large about 51/2 inches and the other is only about 2 1/2 inches.

I feed them once a day, with progold and veggie delight.

I also have a ton of filtration and aeration.

On a side note, I test the water in both tanks tonight, and the reading are all perfect. Except for a small amount of nitrate (.50).

I did have one Oranda from the 30 gallon that had developed sores on his head, looks red and irritated. I put him in a hospital tank, with some melafix and after 24 hours he is showing much improvement. He eats and reacts normal. The Huge Oranda (Moby) from the 30 gallon tank was looking a little lazy and had some redness on his head as well, but it is looking better today.

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I have a feeling that you crashed your cycled by doing too much of a cleaning.

Okay a couple more questions:

What is the name and size of your filter on the 15 gallon?

What is the name and size of your filter on the 30 gallon?

Here is a good link about filtration: filtration and maintenence

And here's one for creating media-baskets to house extra beneficial bacteria: DIY media basket

And another: DIY sponge filter

Have been working on gettting your nitrAtes down? Do as many waterchanges as it takes.

Post back soon.


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