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Guest Bigphil

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Guest Bigphil

My Blackmoor (Sweep) is looking really bad.

He is just floating on top of water most of the time. His fins are looking all ragged and hanging down. This has happened overnight: He seemed very lively yesterday.

I sepperated from my comet 2 or three weeks ago because my other Blackmoor died in very similar circumstances but I thought he was being attacked by the commet.

Ammonia: .17ppm

Nitrates 48

Nitrites .87 ppm

No tester for Ph

Only fish in 29Gal Tank

No water additives

Feeds on Premium Goldfish flakes and occational carrot and apple.

Please help.

PS I have posted this in 911 as well

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is the tank/filter new? if so how long has the filter been going for? if the setup is less than 6 weeks old then your tank is cycling. if its longer than that then there is not enough being done in way of water changes as you shouldnt have any ammonia or nitrites after the cycling period.

how often do you do water changes? you should get a ph test done and what is the temperature of the tank? if the ph is high then the ammonia will be more toxic and this is more so if the temperature is raised

have you added any salt to the tank yet. i would suggest raising the salt level to .2% which is 1 level teaspoon per gallon in the first 12 hours and then again 12 hours later.

does the fish have any other noticeable ailment like pale gill colour on the inside? healthy gills are cherry red. is the fish gasping and is there any redness to the fins or bruising to the body, but being black it may be hard to tell.

you say no water additives, do you use dechlorinator?

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Hi BP, sorry Sweep is not going well.

Your ammonia and nitrIte levels are not high by any means, but it is strange they aren't zero. I think it would really be worthwhile to get a pH test kit.

I had a pH kit from the beginning but managed without any other tests for a further 6mths. This is because once a tank has cycled, it usually stays that way unless something drastic happens, whereas pH can move up/down depending on your tap water and the nitrification process of the tank which makes your water more acidic.

It doesn't sound like ammonia/nitrIte poisoning because fish usually sit at the bottom all clamped up when that happens.

Of course it could have nothing to do with your water quality and you could be looking at some type of infection but it helps to know all your water parameters first before second guessing a disease.

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