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New Lighting System, New Plants Ideas?

Black oranda

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I added some new compact Flourescent light bulbs to my

15 gallon planted tropical tank. Wow... what a diffrence it makes.

I use to have an old lamp tiped on its side(with the normal light bulbs) on top of the tank...

Ummm now i need to get my self some Flourish excel.. or some type of

liquid CO2, does anyone know of some good ones?

Right now in the tank i have Java moss, Java fern (Lace/normal), i have Anarchis (sp?), Anubius nana, Some type of sword, And corkscrew plant...

I have room for about 5 to 7 more bunches of plants for the back and for the middle ... any ideas of what else i could put into my tank?

Also i was wondering if anyone had some type of forground carpeting

plant they could maybe send me?


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Sorry, I ain't parting with any of my precious Marimo balls! :rofl But, java moss should not be too hard to come by...

I want to find out abou this liquid CO2! But, I am using the reasonably priced CO2 Fizz Factory. It seesm to be doing a decent job - since I have a smaller tank (12 gallons) and non-CO2 requiring plants, it just gives them a little boost!

http://www.aquariumguys.com/co2fizzfactory.html Check it out! And post some pix!

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