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Question On Ich


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Some of my fish have had ich since about two weeks ago. I've been giving them medicine and every fish is better except one. I posted another topic called Ich or Male a few days ago to see if it really was ich or if Jimbo was a boy. Like I said, I've been giving them medicine just like the bottle says: one teaspoon every 24 hours. Everyone is 'spot less' except for this one fish, Jimbo! :krazy: This probably has nothing to do with it, but the brand is Wardley. It's called Ich Away.

I took the carbon filter out and I've done what the bottle says. Is there any other way to treat it? I've read about salt, but no one's been very clear about it. Anything would be helpful.


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Hi Anic,

Breeding tubercule will be on the leading edge of pectoral fins and "stars" on the cheeks or gill plates.

Salt: Any salt is fine as long as it has no bonders or additives or YPS. Rock salt,canning salt, kosher salt, sea salt or water softner salts are fine.

Directions for salt are pretty basic. 1 tsp per gl = 0.1%

For ich, the salt level is brought up to 0.3% by doing three doses. 1 tsp per gl x 3 12 hours apart. Dissolve in some tank water first. The reason the salt is done in 3 doses is so you don't shock fish or filters.

Salt does not evaporate either, so dureing water change's in treatment, you add salt to the new water: IE: removal of 5 gl's, only salt 5 gl's to 0.3%

Gravel should be vaccumed daily to remove as many of the ich cysts as possible and heat should be raised to around 79* to help speed the little critters on there cycle.

Ich is only vulnerable to any med or treatment dureing the tomite (free swimming phase).

Also any meds with formalin should not be used with a salt content over 0.2% as you can burn the fish. Alway's check on med & salt combos' , some are ok, while others are not.

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