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Watch Out With Filtre Tubes..


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A few days ago, I noticed something horrible in the Telescope tank. Somehow the protective cap (the "fish saver") on the suction tube of my Penguin hanging filter had fallen off, and Fairlane, one of my regular fantails, was stuck in it headfirst. I removed him as fast as possible, but his mouth was stuck in a stretched and open position for about 2 hours. He could breathe, though, and his top fin never went down. I watched him and gradually he regained movement of his mouth, kind of like a person regaining their feeling in a foot that is asleep. He is perfectly OK now. The only permanent mishap is that the filter somehow must have blown itself out; it is not working now, but it was pretty old and I did have another, newer Aquaclear filter in the tank along with it, and replaced the Penguin with another Aquaclear.

Fairlane is one of my favorite GFs. My boyfriend won him at the fair last year for me, and though he is just a plain orange fantail he is growing and healthy. I am so glad I caught this event before it could turn tragic! Everyone please make sure your filters are well guarded, especially older ones, so this never happens to your babies.

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