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Fry Foods

Guest Inasoso

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Guest Inasoso

Three types of fry food are Infusoria, Green Water, and Microworms.

"How to make Infusoria:

add 15-18 black eyed peas plus a quarter to a half teaspoon of nonfat powderd milkto a gallon of rappidly boiling water. Boil for five minutes or so, and then, after two or three days, add the sarter culture from a ponge filter or pad.In a week or so, sypn off cloudy water and add to fry tank"

"How to make green water:

simply set a pan of water outside in a sunny place or a windowsill.Bright electric lights will also turn water green, Add to fry tank."

Green water houses spcies of algae and singlecell anials that fry eat.


This is in the teen fry stage. too big for Infusiora and too small for brine srimp.

fill a plastic container with cornmeal, flour, or oatmeal, add a pnch of yeast, enough water to make a thin gruel, and starter cultuer. (rder this from a supplier).Punch a small hole in the top of the container and plug the hole with filter fiber to keep the smell in. Sprinkle sirulina flakes on top of the mixture. It is ok if thr microworms are green.

After 4 days, take a spatula sraper and scrape them off. Dip them in fry tank, they will sink as well."


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