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My Silly Fish


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Well I spent the day moving my 11 comets and their 100 gal tub about 15 miles from my old place to my new place.

When I was gathering them up i took a head count at the same time. I wanted to make sure all my sweet hearts were doing well and would be ok for the move.

I noticed that the one black one which turned orange with black trim over the winter now has turned white with a red cap.

Now when it turned orange with the black trim it looked just like one of the other ones I named sharkie. Now it looks like the white with a red cap one I named headach.

I have decided This fish is having self image issues and cant decide what to look like. :rofl:rofl:rofl

I think it should try out new looks and not copy others but who knows what it will do next.

All the others are keeping their colors and are all in great condition.

I am very happy to have them near me again. It was so hard wondering if they were ok with the 90 degree weather we have been having. Now I cant test the temperature and throw in a sealed ice jug.

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Guest yabbie

You know... this is just the kind of question we should be asking Dear Unca Big Phil.

A fish hopelessly trapped by an identity crisis... he needs help.

I'd show him a picture of nemo. The first person who can breed a goldfish with white and black stripes is going to make a killing on the petshop scene.

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Guest Bigphil

It sounds like your fish jus wants to "Fit in with the crowd"

Some people do this by following the trend in fashion (like dressing similar and staying in fashion.) As fish don't usually wear clothes the only way to look the same is to change colour.

:) All the best. Uncle Big Phil

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