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Chemical Burn Or


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Hello fellow fishkeepers,

I have a 29 gallon tank with 2 medium goldifish. Tha tank runs on a canister filter. There has been no new additions to the tank in the last 5 months.

Weekly water changes of 30%, water is treated with StressCoat and is temperature matched.

pH = 7.6

ammonia = 0

nitrite = 0

nitrates = 20-30 ppm

My oranda recently developed a few brown spots on its tail. The last few days I observed a few more black streaks on its tail, pelvic and anal fins. These streaks are mostly on the leading edge of the fins except on the tail.

I tried to look up such symptoms, and see most people attribute this to chemical burns, most of the time ammonia. However I am pretty certain ammonia level is not a problem in my tank. Are there any other possibilities here, such as other chemicals, bacteria, or even parasites? Or can it be physical injury? I am raising my salinity level to 0.3% as a precaution right now.

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks.


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I guess it could be injury, but usually it would look like just tattered fins and such. I would have said right off the bat that it was ammonia burn. I would do a couple more water changes (say 20% every other day for 2 days) and then wait a couple days to see if it clears up on it's own. If the fish is eating and being active I would do this before just throwing in some medication. Good luck.

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