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Use Epsom Salt Or Not?

Guest danxxx

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Guest danxxx

Hi, I've got a post on the 911/999 forum about this ("Mary's got worse. I'm afraid she might die"), but I'm so worried I thought I'd post a topic here too. Please forgive me for all my jillions of posts. I'm just worried and don't want the poor dear to die if I can do anything. I'm 99.9% sure she's been passing reabsorbed eggs. Her belly's swollen and she's making stringy crinkly milky poos along with her regular poos, and the last couple days she's been belly-up at the bottom most of the time (tho strangely, she can swim right way up when she tries). I was going to exchange the aquarium salt I've been using for Epsom salt (at Ranchugirl's suggestion), and have been doing water changs to get rid of the aquarium salt. But her poo right now looks not so crinkly/zigzaggy, more just stringy and pale. What if she's got bacterial infection? Would it still be OK to change to Epsom salt? My apologies again for so many posts. This'll most likely be my last for awhile. I don't know what else I can do or ask, and I feel bad for asking so much already. Thanks if anyone can advise me. :krazy:

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