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Lost Most Scales, Dorsal Fin Half Gone, Floating

Guest golddly pinky

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Guest golddly pinky

Hi new here,

amonia 0 ppm

nitrate 0 ppm

filtration is a wisper 10

ten gallon tank

two goldfish one alge eater

Well pinky is either a telescope or pearlscale. She is sick floating on side not moving very well, or eating. Lost most of her scales, and part of dorsail fin. She's in a two gallon tank now. Have done 50% water exchanges every month with the de-chorinator.

Help this is my daughters fish from christmas.

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HI and welcome to the site.

I assume you have been reading some while posting here, but in case you haven't I will start by saying you are overstocked with the fish. Poor water quality is the single most important thing to the fish. GF require 10 gals per fish, so right away that will hinder their environment.

Next I see you say you change 50% of the water monthy??? This is bad, your tank is not cycled from the results you did post. Are you familar with cycling a tank? If not let us know we can help you with that.

Do you have a test for nitrites? You will need to test for this.

What type of algae eater do you have? Is is a pleco?

Post back soon with more info.

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