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Lost 4 Orandas Within 3 Weeks

Guest bpatin1976

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Guest bpatin1976

Hi I had an oranda for about 5 months. I did a water change and he died. I went and got a new fish the next day. (Fish 2) I got one for me and a smaller one for my grandmother. when I got home I put both fish in the tank (new water). the next day I brought my grandmother her fish. My fish lasted for about 5 days and my grandmothers lasted for 9 or 10 days She told me that her fish had spots on him and it looked like his fins were disappering. After my fish died I returned to the same pet store and got a smaller fish (fish 3). I also changed the water. All the fish in the tank that I got the other fish from looked pretty bad. The smaller fish looked ok but there were one or two that were dead. The guy told me that I should not have changed the water. He told me to add the water from the bag that the fish was in in my tank. That fish lasted one day. So I am now on fish #4. I went and got from a different pet store (where I got the first fish from). It has been 5 or 6 days and he has alot of white spots all over him. Now I am thinking back and the second fish had white spots after a few days. ALL ARE ORANDAS.

I have a 10 gallon tank I also have a small 1-2 gallon tank. He looks ok except for the spots. I took him out and put him in the smaller tank. I did about a 20-25% water change in the 10 gallon. I do not have any testing supplies. I have never had fish before. I only started this for my 2 yr old little girl. I am burnt out and upset that I keep losing my fish. I am going to the pet store today to see what they say to do. But if anyone has any suggestions please reply. I hope he makes it through this ok. Please help.

7-19-05 my fish # 4 died this morning the pet store told me that I had a parasite in my tank and to clean out the tank and disinfect it. Let it run for a few weeks before adding any more fish. If anyone has any suggstions other than what they told me please let me know.

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Hi bpatin and again :welcome

Firstly - just on your most immediate problem, it sounds as though your fish has ich (a horrid little parasite).

First thing to do is add 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon of water in your tank (dilute in tank water first). Then 12 hours laters, add another teaspoon of salt per gallon, diluted again and then 12 hours after that, add another teaspoon of salt per gallon. This will bring your salt level (or salinity) to 0.3% but you're getting to that level in increments of 0.1%. You need to do this quickly as ich can cause a lot of damage to fish, especially already stressed fish so that's the first thing on the agenda.

As to why you may have lost your fish in the past - I have a couple of questions (or more) for you :) :

1) Do you have water test kits to test your water parameters? I'm referring to ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph....

2) What kind of filtration do you have on your tank?

3) Do you use a water dechlorinator when you add tap water to your tank?

4) Ph is a big one - if you put a fish from the petstore into your tank, well, you could be transferring it from a ph of 6.5 to a ph of 8 and that will put a strain on any fish but can be quite deadly to an already stressed fish

5) Do you know about cycling a tank to make it a healthy environment for fish?

Your answers to these questions will help ascertain perhaps what happened and if you have any questions on introducing a new fish - then there's loads of fabulous people here with much experience who can help you.

It's not always easy, but with a little bit of information under your belt, you're armed with the best chance for success.

So please post back soon but in the meantime, try adding some salt (sea, rock or aquarium would be best) to your tank to try and erradicate the ich/white spot :)

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Hi PB - sorry I just re-read your post and i'm really sorry you lost your little fish #4 :cry1 .

Also, just noticed you don't have test kits so this changes my response somewhat (that's what comes of working 48hrs straight :blink: ).

I think the easiest way of working through this is by helping you the way I was helped when I first started.

When I set up my first tank, I was wondering why my fish were suffering and the reasons were many....

1) I didn't have test kits so was unaware that when cycling my tank - ammonia was climbing etc. So what I did was read all I could on the nitrogen cycle. It tells you all about the toxic environment fish live in while your tank starts to grow good bacteria. All of this was an eye opener.

While my tank went through its cycle - I had to test my water several times a day to understand what levels of toxicity my fish were living in and then do appropriate waterchanges to try and dilute these levels. All the while this is going on, good nitrifying bacteria is trying to build up to do its job.

2) Then I found out that the cycle of my tank would be a never ending battle without good filtration. This cleans out all the waste and converts it into good bacteria... So I did a whole lot of research on the best types of filtration (there's many available thankfully).

3) Then I needed to understand how stress negatively affects fish and how their immunity, when lowered, leaves them suseptible to all kinds of nasties ie. bacteria and parasites. So whenever I brought a new fish home, I learnt the best way to help it and keep my other fish healthy, was to quarantine first. I would, as a rule, give any new fish a salt bath before putting it into a little quarantine tank I have set up for such occassions.

4) I then found out that putting tapwater into the tank without the benefit of dechlorination first would be extremely unhealthy for my fish so I invested in my first bottle of Prime - and I never looked back.

5) Then I needed to understand PH and finding a level that was easily maintainable for my fish.

So really, while there's an awful lot to learn, I honestly believe that once you have a good understanding, keeping goldies becomes a great joy. They're really so dependent on us keeping their environment optimal and for us to do this successfully, there's a little bit to learn.

Please ask any questions and again, sorry my earlier post wasn't quite correct and lastly, i'm so sorry you lost your fishy. But take heart, there's many wonderful people here only too happy to help you through it :)

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