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Erratic Swimming After Feeding


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Hi I have two common gold fishes in my small outdoor pond (along with fishes). One of them is displaying erratic swimming pattern after feeding. It seems like he can barely move and while swimming his whole body moves from side to side just like a fantail. His speed also becomes sluggish. Any idea what could be the cause? There is no visible sign of stress, fungus or any kind of injury. He seems to have healthy appetite.

I change water weekly about 20%. My ammonia, nitrate, nitrite are normal. Ph fluctuates from 7.5-8.5 depending on the time of the day.



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Hi there. :)

That is certainly strange swimming patterns. :blink:

Firstly, I have a couple questions to ask you:

Do you feed at the same time of day, every day?

What is the pH at that time of day as compared to 8-12 hours later?

I am thinking that perhaps pH is playing a role in this. pH rising from 7.5 to 8.5 isn't too big a deal, its the drop that could be. Maybe a timeline/graph of his reactions, feeding time and pH at different times would help.

Other than that, can you tell me what normal is for the test results. Keep in mind that ANY readable ammonia or nitrItes are BAD. Simply put, filtration is not ample enough for the gallonage/stocking density. The pH fluctuations could have an effect on this process as well.

Post back soon. :unsure:


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