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Added New Plants.....but

Black oranda

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Hey guys,

i recently added my first few live plants to the Goldfish tank. There all "baby plants"

from my tropical tank. Ranging from 1 to 2 inches tall...

I've got 2 types of java fern in there (lace/normal) and i have some java moss.

I tied the plants onto a peice of rock. I was wondering do you think

they will make it?, should i go buy some liquid CO2? to help them grow


Also i was wondering, i tied the plants down with the metal wire that you

find in garbadge ties... Do you think this will be okay? I made sure that

there wasn't anything dangerous poping out. Its all tied very well.

What do you think?

Ill get a picture tommorow of how it looks.

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id worry about the metal rusting on the ties....they do in our freezer even when we use them on bags of stuff...maybe try those electrical ties? like zip ties? ya know what i mean? you zip em shut but they cant pull back the other way?

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