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Dojo Loach..not Good

Guest Romeo

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Guest Romeo

I'll tell you what I know out of the chart but I do not have all of the test kits.

Ammonia is between 0 and .25

I have a Hang on Back Filter(filter just changed approx. 1 wk ago.)

I use Amquel and Hartz All in One for my water Conditioners(I also add a small amount of salt).

I change 10 percent of my water every other day.

I have a ten gallon tank with one Dojo Loach(about 1.5 years old and one Calico Fantail(about three weeks old).

So that's what I know, and here's the problem.

The goldfish is doing fine, swimming normally and everything. The Dojo Loach however is not, it is staying on the bottom(which is fairly normal) but it's layed on it's side, which is not normal, it looks like it may be having a little trouble breathing, and swimming. All in all it just looks kind of sick and helpless.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I do not know much about loaches, but I would recommend doing a water change of about 30% right away. Water changes sometimes can perk the fish up a bit and you can better access their situation. Does the loach have any discolouration or anything on him?

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