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How Long Can Snails Live Outside Of Water?

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In their native areas they can live out of the water about a week or two at a time if the conditions are right. The humidity has to be really high. I have snails in my pop-up pond (it's like a kid's pool) and I found a snail on my deck today. This to me means that it's time for a water change. Snails really have no reason to leave the water unless they're laying eggs, starving for food, or the water conditions aren't up to par. Most of the time if they leave the water, they return right back on their own.

I had a rubbermaid container full of snails on the floor in my spare bedroom. I decided recently to put those snails in the pop-up pond. I took all the snails out and left the rubbermaid there for a few days till I felt like cleaning it. 4-5 days later, I pulled it out and there was a huge snail laying there on the floor. I picked him up and carried him downstairs to throw him away. Then, something made me wonder if he might still be alive. I filled a plastic cup up with tank water and put him in there. Nothing happened, but I left him in the cup overnight. The next morning he was sliming around on the side of the cup. He had survived about 4-5 days out of the water on the carpet, in an airconditioned room! I'm sure the humidity was high, it always is in Pittsburgh, and that probably helped.

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