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Guppies Guppies Everywhere!

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Oh my goodness. have I gotten myself in a world of trouble!

Okay. I read online that my oreintal firebellied toads would eat feeder guppies. So I bought three itty bitty ones for 12 cents a piece..... two dies mysteriously the first night (I put them in a LARGE areated bowl).... so I feed the last one for about a week to get good nutrition in him do he would be a healthy meal for my puffer fish (I decided to feed it to him because I got back online and I read that frogs have a hard time catching them and you have to cut the guppies in half--- AIN'T no way I'm doing that to a fish!!!)

Well, I stuck the little guppie in with the puffer. The puffer would chase him a little bit and then quit... I couldn't do it! I couldn't kill the guppy! I took him out and stuc him in one of those plastic baby guppy seperaters and stuck him in the goldfish tank in that.

He always looked so lonely, so I figured "hey why not start a guppy tank and get him a few freinds?!?!?!" Well, I did. I bought a really pretty male with a shiny blue tail and a big female with a little bit of blue in her tail. one day later she had 8 babies.

This was two weeks ago and all of the 8 babies are still alive. I take a spoon and pullverize the flakes till it is a powder so the babies can eat it. Keep in mind that the babies aren't seperated from the adults. They haven't ate any of them yet.

The problem that am having is this:

The guppies (adults) won't eat the flakes from the top of the water... they catch a few while they are falling to the bottom to the gravel... The majority of the flakes sit here-----uneaten.I even left a large area of the tank open with no gravel so they could see it-- but still they don't eat it. Are these fish top feeders, middle feeders?

Since I try to feed them two--sometimes three times a day, so the babies get enough-- the tank gets sooooooo messy that I have to siphon the water every one or two days.

Is there any better way I can go about doing this all? Do you other guppy owners know of a better way to feed them? none of them are sick and dying so I( guess I'm doing something right), but it does not seem like they are eating very much---even for their tiny bodies!

If guppies are really this messy (the adults are my biggest problem) there is no way I will be able to keep up with them while I am in college. I don't like this idea. When I buy any type of life, I'm always in it for the long haul. Please help

(the LFS told me to get an albino corry cat to clean the bottom of the tank.... how big do these fish get?)

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Guest Grey Legion

Best thing to do if you want to keep the numbers down is to try to seperate the males from the females ( males always have bigger nicer tails )

I have done the same thing with my guppies ( I breed them )

the females can hold sperm for along time so even with the males gone you may still get some fry..

I would say either split a large tank or get 2 smaller tanks ( 10 gallons work fine )

guppies need good filtration and good water so be prepared to spend a little money and spend a little time..you will really enjoy the tank of males they are very active and always are showing off to ward off the other males..

As for feeding hikari makes a great guppy food that will not mess or cloud your water as much as the flakes do and really only one feeding a day will do, sad to say this but only the strong can survive and by over feeding ( to feed the weak ) you may put the entire tank into risk..

Have fun !!

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Gary makes some good points. I separated my females from my male guppies unless I wanted to breed them. That kept the numbers down :)

Guppies are top feeders. I always kept a few corys in my guppy tank to clean up any left over food (I was feeding guppy flakes), but the previous poster's suggestion of trying the Hikari guppy food is a good one.

BTW, corys remain small. They only get to be a few inches in length. I recommend either paleatus (peppered corys) or aeneus (bronze corys). I have found these two varieties to be the most hardy. The albino ones that you see in the stores are an albino version of the bronze corys. BTW, corys are endearing little things and are long lived. I have a peppered cory who is now going on 13 years old :)

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Wow! thirteen years old! wooo!

I did separate the female from the male! But still.... I think it is possible that she is pregnant again, because I think I left her with the male for at least one week? or so?---that is, after the babies were born.

I will have to remember that tip--not to overfeed to try and save the weaklings.... As of yet, all eight are still alive.....

I read that the... grrr... now I can't remember what they are called. You know those filters that you put filter floss into and attach a air pump to? Well I read that those were good filters for guppy tanks and that is what I got. But better filtration is reccomended?

How many gph for a ten gallon guppy tank?

Thanks alot for all you help!!!

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