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Ok so I went to nnnnnn yesterday to get a filter for my 20 gal so I could move Zane into it. so I picked out my filter and my sister was with me to so we went to look at the fish :rofl Anyway I ended up coming home with a yellow and black lionhead and she got a cute little calico fantail which has one black eye, looks eird but cool:) Right now they are both quarentined in my 10 gal and Zane is in the twenty. they are both sooo tiny, the lionhead is like and inch and the fantail iabout 1/2 ". It was the smallest one in the tank, but so cute. I'm going to my sister the 10 gal and everything that goes with it. I have a feeling though I will eventually end up with "her" fish, lol. I shall try to post some picks this weekend, I kinda killed the battery charger for the camera :unsure: .

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