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Floaty-ness, Occasional White Poop...

Guest squeeker

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Guest squeeker

This might be a bit long!

OK, so I have a 77 gallon with 7 goldies.

My panda-turned-white telescope is a pretty constant floater. The only time he doesn't float is if I starve him for a good 36 hours, but then if I starve him for longer, he floats again. He's a good floater, though: he floats upright at the surface.

My large calico ryukin also floats on occasion. He, however, is an upside-down surface floater. This only happens if I feed un-soaked flakes (though it never used to happen... it only started after I switched to soaked pellets!)

My other fish don't float.

Occasionally (maybe once a week), I'll find loooong, white, stringy, bubbly poop in the tank. I'm not 100% sure who it comes from... but I assume it's the calico.

Not sure if this is related or not... the large ryukins are pretty chubby. When they turn, they usually do so in a large arc, which brings them down to the bottom and parallel to the gravel. Is this normal, or a fat fish's version of flashing? :huh: Non one else in the tank flashes, though.

None of these fish have ever been treated for any illness (except the one who had septicemia). Do you think they'd benefit from a round of prazi, salt, medicated food, or all 3?

Here's the info from the box above.

Ammonia: 0

NitrIte: 0

NitrAte: 0 (post about this in chemistry forum)

pH, both out of tap and in tank: 7.4

Filtration: Fluval 404, AC70

Conditioners: AquaPlus

Food: Pre-soaked Laguna Pond Sticks as the main diet, with peas once a week, plus the occasional cucumber, tetramin flakes, spirulina flakes, shrimp flakes, color-enhancing flakes, tubifex worms, shrimp pellets, and gut-loaded crickets

Nothing new to the tank.

Everything else was mentioned above.

Thanks for the help...

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It sounds to me like your fish are bothered by constipation/gas rather than parasites.

I would work on their diet and see if you can correct the problem by eliminating any foods that causes them to float.

I have one ryukin that can only eat shrimp pellets (soaked until mushy) and blanched zucchini. So far, anything else causes her to float.

Also, I have a few fish that swim the way you describe your ryukins swimming. I think it is just natural and nothing to worrying about.

I would try feeding the fish various foods and marking down which ones make them float, then eliminate those foods from their diet. You could also try making a gel food with a large component of peas. Some fish who float do very well on gel food. In the Goldfish Food section of the forum there is a pinned post with a lot of recipes for gel food. Frozen bloodworms are also well tolerated by floaty fish. I would recommend Hikari brand since they are sterilized.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask questions :)

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